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I started Sakura back in 2014, following my time learning the ropes in busy flower shops. While I soaked up all I could about floristry, I realised I craved the freedom to put my own spin on things.

Over the past decade, I've been fine-tuning my style. I draw my inspiration from the simple things and I love creating arrangements that are lush and lively, with plenty of movement. 

As the years have gone by, my focus has shifted towards weddings. I've had the pleasure of meeting wonderful couples and fellow suppliers along the way, and together we've visited some beautiful venues across northeast Scotland and beyond.

At Sakura, we're proud to be foam-free and committed to using natural mechanics in our designs. It's important to us to create beautiful arrangements that are also environmentally friendly.

Today, you'll find me working from my private studio nestled in the hills, always with a tea in my hand, and my faithful companion Buffy by my side. 


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